Full Featured Atmel Board, Arduino Compatible

We have developed a fully featured open source, open hardware ATMEL development board.  Features include:


Bullet Pre-programmed USB bootloader that allows programming via AVRDUDE
Bullet AT90USB1287 – 128K flash, 4K eeprom and 8K internal RAM
Bullet 128K external SDRAM
Bullet SD card slot for audio, images, logging etc.
Bullet SPI DAC and audio amplifier (built in wave shield)
Bullet Nokia 6100 color LCD display (130×130 12 bpp)
Bullet Thermocouple conditioner with precision voltage reference for A/D
Bullet Battery backed real time clock


Bullet Software

Bullet Eclipse IDE development system for OSX, windows and linux soon
Bullet Arduino library with basic I/O support
Bullet Preprogrammed with PID control software
Bullet FreeRTOS – realtime operating system
Bullet Re-entrant FAT filesystem support for SD card
Bullet Graphics library with text and drawing primitives, support for both Philips and Epson controllers
Bullet C++ based menu software
Bullet Interrupt based audio playback (think wave shield)
Bullet USB Serial Port
Bullet Large external RAM



Bullet PID controller for espresso /cappuccino machine
Bullet PID controller for Solder Reflow ovens