Software Hiatus

Things have been slow because I’ve been writing software instead of doing hardware. Above is the pid controller for my cappuccino maccine (sp:). It is based off of a at90usb1287, and I’ve been having a blast getting software going on this bad boy. There is 128K sram on the back of this board that I’ve been bringing up. So far the software is:
FreeRtos ported using timer3 (16 bit) as the tick timer
stack in the 0-4k (internal sram)
data, bss and heap in 4k-64k (4k internal 56k external)
SD / Fat drivers over spi
bit bash spi drivers for a serial dac->lm386 (i.e. audio)
interrupt routines to read the sd and pump out audio
LUFA usb stack support for both a boot loader and cdc serial driver (i.e. a console)
RTOS tasks that dump out data and play music simultaneously.

So it is coming along. Next: mutexes to drive the LCD and SD simultaneously.

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