Digital Dice

For the last couple of weeks, my son and I have been building “Digital Dice” as a project to teach him some hardware and software design, and to play settlers of catan, with out wiping out whole villages with “real” dice.


The requirements were:

  • emulate two die faces
  • have shake detect to roll
  • coin cell power
  • rechargeable over usb
  • longish battery life

We designed this thing using protel. The first cut of software I did using the arduino environment. I hate to admit it, but is is pretty easy, although the I2C library is broken with respect to the freescale accelerometer in the default installation. I’ve attached the schematic. ¬†Gerbers and code are available, if you are interested leave a comment. ¬†The circuit uses:


  • atmega328p (pico power cpu)
  • mma7660 accelerometer
  • LIR2032 battery (rechargable)
  • MCP73832 charger.







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    • I never really thought about the low voltage cutoff. The MCU has a low voltage cutoff/brownout protection enabled, and in practice the whole circuit seems robust enough. I get a about a week on a charge. The standby current is still pretty high though ~ 300uA

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