HM10 interfacing

Ok. In the last installment of the blog, I was trying to interface a bluetooth dongle with my WS2811 LEDS. This is in support of my long range goal of solar powered deck tread lighting. I hooked up an HM-05/linvor module to my avr/dice board, and quickly found out that it didn’t:

  1. play with my android tablet, or
  2. work with my iPhone.

The iPhone control really is the goal here, so I got a few HM-10 modules to play with. These should work, they are bluetooth low energy. So the next problem was that my avr/LEDs run at 5V and the module is at 3.3. Since I do everything the hard way, I decided to build my own breakout board. I was in a hurry, and made my own by isolation routing a blank pcb.

    • I whipped up a schematic in protel:


    • Did the board layout:


    • Converted to voronai mapping with pcb2gcode:


    • And routed the sucker:


      • Then soldered on the parts: