Media Player

This weekend’s project is to build a media player for use in a trailer when on vacation.  The requirements are:

  1. Runs on 12v
  2. Makes noise.
  3. Local Display
  4. Primitive controls

So the simple way to do this is to use a raspberry pi and a music player package. To make life simpler, a HifiBerry is used. It has a built in DAC and 2x25w class D amplifier built in. It also runs on 12V, powers the pi and is supported by volumio and other packages (moode, rune etc) which are all derivatives, I think.

The basic setup came up right away, with minimal configuring: Web server, sound, console on the 7″ display.

Now the fun starts.  I want to replace the hdmi display with a smaller (eg ILI9341 qvga) display, and use some buttons, and encoder to navigate and change volume, and shutdown etc.


I’ve got the ILI9341 running using the adafruit driver and some python code (which kind of rubs me the wrong way as an embedded guy, but it does work).  Anyway here it a W.I.P: