More Subaru Car Computer Repair

Pico PSUWell it’s been a bit busy lately with most of the work I’ve done being in the software domain, so not that interesting.  I have replaced the touchscreen and battery on my daughters ipod touch 3g, only to have it stop working once I snapped everything back together and the battery drained.

On the bright side, I did successfully resurrect my car computer after tracing the problem down to the M3-ATX power supply.  I put in the replacement and now have the original one to trouble shoot.  It consists of two, two-layer boards, with a micro in the middle to handle the power on modes.  If I can repair this and reverse engineer it, then I will have an inexpensive PSU in my tool chest, the same way that I now can build an Olimex ISP clone for cheap. I’ll keep you “posted” on the progress.