Oled Magic 8 Ball Pt.1

I’ve started on the next stupid project. I bought some SSD1306 OLED displays off of ebay back in December, and thought I should do something with them.  I settled on a digital magic 8 ball.  Leveraging the circuitry from the digital dice project, I laid out a board for the Oled that uses I2C.  The Oled has an onboard charge pump to generate the 7.5 volts for the display.  It works, but is hard on the Li 2032 cell that powers this thing.  More testing still needs to be done.

The plan here is to have a board that you shake, and gives you a message.  Perfect for those software design decisions!

I’ve CNC milled an acrylic case.IMG_0708

Getting libraries working was a bit of an issue.  All of the ones that I’ve tried did not work out of the box. It seems that “Horizontal” addressing mode was not working, and a couple of bytes were getting eaten by the GDDRAM at the start of each  line write.  So for now the hardware is done. The software libraries are done,  I’ll just need to integrate the MMA7660 accelerometer code, and find out what the Magic 8 Ball strings are.

I’ll post the code, and the gerbers once this is complete.  Once again I used the Arduino libraries, this is the easy choice when not using an RTOS I guess…