LPC1768 Programming

Well the previous atmel project is nearing completion, with only the final board run, documentation, web-site, e-commerce, contract manufacturing, and marketing left to work on. So with all my free time, I’ve been bringing up the arm-based PID controller. I’m using the tool chain and freertos ported by Hugo Vincent. So far I’ve got serial, USB CDC (i.e. serial), LCD over SSP and SD/FatFS (over SSP) all working. The remaining bits are ADC for the thermocouple, RTC, Audio over SPI and a USB MSD interface to the SD card. And of course the PID port from the atmel. This board is fast and basically the same price as the atmel version. I should be able to do something close to video on the LCD, asn with the tons of I/O and DMA, I’m not multiplexing the heck out of the SPI bus like the previous design.